a crypto currency with a real value and a limited amount of coins to be released

About OBC

The OBC Coin will increase by 0.1% to 5% daily until it reaches it’s Ultimate price. At this time, the current price of OBC is a long ways from one billion dollars per coin. To get there, according to the formula, we need to get one billion coin to be release in order to reach the ultimately price of OBC coin.
Value Per OBC Coin

The initial price of OBC coin is set at $0.100000. The OBC coin will increase by 0.1% to 5% daily.

  • OBC and Merchant Wallet
  • Buy and Sell Coin
  • Exchanger
  • Mwalya89
  • jtmmgaming
  • ayanbehoun
  • ngpet
  • adri01
OBC uy Value:0.71556500
OBC ell Value:0.64400850

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